Mountain Vault is the first private vault storage facility in Arizona accredited under SecurePlus, a SDBIC program underwritten by AXA ART, a member of the AXA Insurance group, one of the largest insurance groups in the world.

To obtain accreditation, we recently underwent a rigorous evaluation by an independent company designed to assess the safety of property being stored in our facility.

Mountain Vault provides $5,000 of insurance on each box or unit in our facility.

We strongly believe all of our customers should maintain insurance for the full value of the property being stored in their box or unit, as there are certain events and risks that even the securest vault cannot protect. We are pleased to offer you this opportunity through SDBIC and AXA.

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  • Coverage starts as low as $25 a year

  • No disclosures or appraisals of box contents required at time of sign-up

  • No deductibles in the event of a loss

  • New contents added are automatically covered up to current limits

  • All legal property is covered including documents, wills, titles, deeds, photos and electronic back-up devices

  • Coverage is more comprehensive and less expensive than any option offered in the market today

  • All information is maintained in strictest confidence and is used solely for the purpose of processing and issuing the insurance

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